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Cine Film Conversion

Before the advent of modern camcorders the mass market way of capturing moving images was to use a cine film camera. The film came in various sizes with 8mm being the most popular. Using professional 3CCD image capture techniques, we digitally ‘capture’ the frames, then edit the digital ‘film’’, add period relevant music that complements the ‘action’ if the film is of the silent variety or digitally enhance the soundtrack if there is one. The final product is a fully authored DVD complete with chapter points and titles.  

We DO use projection as we have found this to be the most economical method to convert cine film. Audio is treated separately and then carefully reapplied to the finished digital images fully lip-synched and matched. So if you are looking for a professional quality conversion that offers the best value for money, look no further and give us a try.

Contact us and we’ll send you a FREE sample DVD showing the quality and graphic design you can expect from Pinnacle.


We can convert:

8mm silent

Super 8mm Silent

8mm Sound

To Mini DV tape or MPEG-2/AVI for home editing

Or fully authored to DVD

Call or email for further information or a sample DVD

Example of completed
work carried out on
cine film from the late
60’s/ early 70’s